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Editorial board

Editor in Chief: Dr. Balwant Singh
Executive Editor: Dr. Bhaskar Salvi
Associate Editors:Dr. Swati Desai & Dr. Yatin Rane
Directors:Dr. Subhash Desai C. A. & Dr. Piyush Jain
Editorial Board: Dr. T. K. Bera (India) & Prof. Nader Rahnama (USA) & Dr. M. M. Begani (India) & Dr. Khaled Atiyat (Jordan) & Dr. Zdravko Gavrilovic (Montenegro) & Dr. Sinku Kumar Singh (India) & Dr. Hazem Hussien (Egypt) & Dr. Vasanthi Kadhiravan (India) & Dr. Vahideh Razmi (Iran) & Dr. Marisa P. Na Nongkhai (Thailand) & Dr. Unnati Vishnoi Jain (India) & Dr. Jolly Roy (Malaysia) & Dr. Anil Singh (India) & Dr. Nguyen Tra Giang (Vietnam) & Dr. Jayaraman (Ethiopia) & Dr. Mahdi Soleimanifarrokh (Iran)

Review Editors

Review Editors: Dr. Vishwas A. Sawant, Dr. Nishikant Jha, Dr. Arvind Lohar, Dr. Asha Jindal, Dr. Manohar Mane, Dr. V. R. Parihar, Dr. Sachin Tiwari, Dr. Sopan Kangane, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pal, Dr. Nilesh Lohar, Dr. Uday Dongare, Dr. Pandurang Ranmal, Dr. Antony Lawrence, Dr. Dwakar Mishra, Mr. Sushil Paliwal, Dr. Nilesh Bansode, Dr. Kulbhushan Bauskar
Legal Advisor:
Dr. Adv. Darmiyan Singh Bist & C. A. Santosh Ojha
Publisher : Mr. Kkrishnagopal Singh
Cover Design: Mr. Satish Khot
Website Maintenance: Mr. Deviprasad Shetty

Contact Us

Dr. Balwant Singh (Editor in Chief)

302, Yeshwant Bldg, Anand Bharati Road, Chendani Koliwada, Thane (E) District- Thane, Maharashtra (India) Pincode- 400 603
entireresearch@gmail.com & dr.balwant@gmail.com
Dr. Subhash Desai : +91 9323352256
Dr. Bhaskar Salvi : +91 9920014089
Dr. Balwant Singh : +91 9322528799

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About US.

GLOBAL HUMAN RESEARCH & WELFARE SOCIETY" through in this society to establish, conduct and manage Social, Charitable, Educational, Religious, Sports, Yoga, Medical, Cultural to develop the Boys, youth, Women as well as to establish self-employment in them for the development of the society.

Our Objectives

To work in Social, Educational, Cultural and Sport activity of the development of the society.

To arrange different type of sports competitions and to give encouragement awards to sportsmen.

To establish Social Group and develop Social, Cultural and Educational and Financial Development.

To promote and propagate the message of Humanity & Civilization.

To endeavor to promote secularism and to inculcate in the mind of man the basic principles of Humanity that all are equal in the eyes of Lord.

To organise, conduct, religious Poojas, Festivals, Mahotsavas, Lectures and Discourses with a view to promote the culture


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