Welcome to our Global Human Research & Welfare Society.....

"GLOBAL HUMAN RESEARCH & WELFARE SOCIETY" through in this society to establish, conduct and manage Social, Charitable, Educational, Religious, Sports, Yoga, Medical, Cultural to develop the Boys, youth, Women as well as to establish self-employment in them for the development of the society.


  1. To work in Social, Educational, Cultural and Sport activity of the development of the society.

  2. To arrange different type of sports competitions and to give encouragement awards to sportsmen.

  3. To establish Social Group and develop Social, Cultural and Educational and Financial Development.

  4. To promote and propagate the message of Humanity & Civilization.

  5. To endeavor to promote secularism and to inculcate in the mind of man the basic principles of Humanity that all are equal in the eyes of Lord.

  6. To organise, conduct, religious Poojas, Festivals, Mahotsavas, Lectures and Discourses with a view to promote the culture


"Entire Research" after successful completion of Two Year"

Dr. Balwant Singh (Chief Editor, Entire Research),

Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar (Former Vice Chancellar, University of
                                                         Mumbai & Member of Rajya Sabha)